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Savon Appliance05/27/2023


SAVON Appliance has been a family-owned business since the early 1980's, founded by Emmett Julian. Originally from Chicago, Emmett has been in the used appliance business for over 30 years, and started SAVON Appliance in Burbank, CA. He purchased the restoration shop he had been using for over 20 years, General Appliance Refinishing, in 2001, in order to continue to sell AND restore vintage appliances to his private and commercial clients, sometimes at even lower prices that he could offer in the past. In 2003 Emmet sold SAVON Appliance to his sister Marsha, and in 2006 sold General Appliance to his daughter Lisa, who moved it to N. Hollywood and renamed it SAVON Appliance II.

Now in his "retirement", Emmett continues to act as consultant and advisor to both shops.

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