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Dubreezy Entertainment05/16/2023
LED wireless uplighting is the hottest trend in Seattle and Tacoma weddings. Wedding uplights add elegance to your event.
Dubreezy Entertainment offers modern, heat-free, wireless LED uplighting with a wide range of color choices to compliment your special event.Wireless uplight fixtures are placed on the floor, shining a column of light upward, illuminating walls, columns, tent panels or other architectural elements. The uplights are best seen in a dim room with little to no natural light or after sunset.Wireless uplighting ensures that no additional power outlets are needed. With wireless uplights, you also eliminate the use of extra wires that can potentially cause a tripping hazard for your guests.
Add uplighting to your existing DJ entertainment package or rent them separately.
With wireless uplighting, we can decide on a color for all lights, mix and match colors with different lights and when it’s time to dance, the uplights can be set to color change randomly giving your event a club-like feel.
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