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Woodard Auto & Truck02/26/2024
To keep your car running smoothly for years to come, regular maintenance checks are key. Every part of your vehicle, from the tires to the engine, experiences wear and tear over time. Monitoring these components is crucial for your car's long-term performance.

One of the most critical elements of your car is its battery. Responsible for starting the engine, the battery provides the electrical energy needed to kickstart your car. However, batteries have a finite lifespan, and it's important to be proactive if you notice any signs of trouble rather than waiting for a complete breakdown.

Here are some common indicators that your car battery may need replacing:

1. Difficulty Starting: If your car fails to start, even after multiple attempts, it's likely a battery issue. Pay attention if your vehicle has been struggling to start, as this could indicate a weakening battery.

2. Dim or Flickering Lights: Your car's battery also powers the lights, both inside and outside the vehicle. Dimming or flickering lights suggest that the battery is running low and may need recharging or replacing.

3. Frequent Jump Starts: While jump-starting can temporarily revive a dead battery, frequent jump-starts indicate a deeper problem. If your battery consistently needs jumping or fails to hold a charge, it's time for a replacement.

4. Battery Corrosion: Visual inspection can reveal signs of battery corrosion, typically appearing as a powdery substance on the battery's surface. Excessive corrosion can hinder the battery's performance and may require cleaning or replacement.

Based in Moses Lake, Washington, our team at Woodard Auto Truck specializes in car repairs, inspections, and tune-ups, including battery services. Count on us for exceptional service and quality repairs. Contact us today for a complimentary estimate and keep your car running smoothly this spring!
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