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Lisa Rose Dyal Tutoring12/12/2023
A Good Teacher or Tutor Makes You Feel Safe
The impact of a teacher or tutor on our learning journey is profound, especially when it comes to feeling safe in the learning environment. Reflecting on my high school Trigonometry experience, I vividly recall the atmosphere set by my teacher stern, no-nonsense, and quick to predict a plunge in our grades. It triggered fear, not inspiration.

Being a sensitive and grade-conscious student, I had previously encountered a tutor who made me feel unsafe about math. Mistakes were met with criticism, hindering my ability to think and learn freely. This negative experience cast a shadow on my perception of math.

The fear instigated by my Trigonometry teacher led me to drop the class and choose a slower-paced alternative. Looking back, changing courses might have spared me immediate discomfort, but it deprived me of the opportunity to face challenges head-on and build resilience.

The key takeaway is that while we can't always choose our teachers, we can certainly choose our tutors. Opt for someone who fosters a sense of safety and maintains a playful approach. A low affective filter, or the emotional barrier in language acquisition, enhances learning. Contrastingly, a high affective filter can hinder engagement and participation.

In the context of language acquisition, where immediacy in listening and responding is crucial, a tutor who lowers the affective filter becomes invaluable. They help students connect the content to real-life scenarios, break down complex tasks, and infuse a bit of humor into the learning process.

So, when selecting a tutor, prioritize those who make learning feel safe, connect lessons to your life, simplify complex tasks, and occasionally crack a smile. This approach not only enhances the learning experience but also encourages resilience, making challenging times a part of the learning journey rather than a reason to run away.
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