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Canine Virtuosos08/06/2023
Unleashing the Hunter Within - Instincts and Skills of Hunting Breeds.

Training a hunting dog is a dance between natural instinct and skilled teaching. Your pup's genes hold the blueprint of a potent hunter; your task is to mold and refine these raw instincts.

Start early, expose them to game scent, feathers, and trails when they're still pups. Instinctive curiosity will lead them to sniff and track. Strengthen this instinct with reward-based training, associating the scent-tracking behavior with positive outcomes.

Next, move on to retrieval exercises, a pivotal skill for hunting breeds. Begin with simple fetch games, gradually upgrading to mock hunting sessions using training dummies. Remember, practice patience and encourage progress, however small.

Shooting exercises are another vital part of hunting dog training. Many dogs may be scared of gunfire initially. Condition them by associating the sound with something pleasurable, like a treat or a favourite toy. Start from a distance and gradually decrease it as your pet becomes comfortable.

Working on the dog's 'steadiness' is equally important. A dog needs to stay put and not frighten the game. Use commands like 'sit' and 'stay' during training exercises to instill this discipline.

Remember, training isn't just about hunting. Good manners and obedience commands are crucial. They ensure the safety of the dog and others around. Training a hunting breed is an investment of time, patience, and love, but the result is a skilled and loyal companion in the field.

Need a helping hand? Our expert trainers at Canine Virtuosos can guide your canine companion on their hunting journey, honing their natural skills to perfection. Get in touch!
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