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Why Google Is Your (Student's) Ally
In the realm of college exploration, empowering students to take the reins of their own research is a pivotal aspect of the process. While we provide tools and guidance, the goal is for students to delve into the nuances of different schools, identify similarities and distinctions, explore intriguing courses and professors, and overall, acquaint themselves with the available information. Here's why we advocate for students to be active participants in this journey:

1. Ownership of the College Application Process:
Our role is akin to driver’s ed instructors – accompanying students in the journey, offering guidance but recognizing that the primary driver is the student. College application is a student-driven process, and understanding the nuances of the process ensures a meaningful experience. When a student secures an acceptance, the achievement is more significant when they realize they navigated the application independently.

2. Discovering Preferences:
Many students don't initially have a fully articulated set of criteria for college selection. Some have specific needs, like a unique major, which aids in narrowing down options. However, most students start with broader preferences, such as size, sports, or location. Researching colleges enables students to delve into the details of what each college offers, helping them understand what they truly desire from their college experience.

3. Preparing for College Life:
College isn't just about academics; it's a holistic experience that requires various life skills. Students need to know how to find information, seek help when needed, and navigate unexpected challenges. Learning by doing is crucial in this context. Encouraging students to independently discover information fosters skills such as setting up appointments, handling unforeseen obstacles, and basic communication – vital skills for college life.

So, when we emphasize that Google is your ally, we're not merely referring to the search engine itself. Instead, we highlight the importance of developing the ability to figure things out – a skill that every high school graduate should possess.

PS - You'd be surprised at the wealth of information a simple “name of college” + “XYZ” search can unveil.*
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