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Henderson Pet Resort12/09/2023

Morning: Arrival and Welcome Sniffs

"Hi, I'm Max! My tail wags with excitement as we pull up to the Pet Resort. The moment I step in, I'm greeted by a symphony of barks and purrs. First stop? The welcome lounge, where I sniff out some new friends and get a yummy treat!"

Mid-Morning: Playtime and Adventures

"Next, it's off to the play area. We run, jump, and fetch under the watchful eyes of our human pals. There's a splash pool too! I leap in, sending water everywhere. Sorry, not sorry – it's so much fun!"

Lunchtime: Fuel Up

"Lunchtime! We have our own special menu. I always go for the chicken and rice. We eat in our individual spaces. It's nice and quiet – perfect for a quick nap post-meal."

Afternoon: Pampering and Relaxation

"Did someone say spa time? I get a bath and a brush, feeling fresh and clean. Then, some of us chill in the relaxation room, with soft music and comfy beds. Perfect for a lazy afternoon snooze."

Evening: Family Reunion

"As the day winds down, I wait eagerly for my human. There they are! I can't help but jump up a bit – okay, a lot. I hear them talking about how well I've been looked after. Tail wags all around!"
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