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Expert Interview: The Rise of K-9 Resorts and Athletic Clubs
Interview with Emily Harris, Founder of Paws & Play Resort

Q1: What inspired you to start a K-9 resort and athletic club?

Emily: The idea came from my own experiences as a dog owner. I realized there was a need for a place where dogs could enjoy luxury care and stay active, especially for owners who travel or have busy schedules.

Q2: What services does your K-9 resort offer?

Emily: We offer a range of services, including overnight accommodations, a swimming pool for water activities, an agility course for exercise, grooming services, and even obedience training sessions.

Q3: How do you ensure the safety and well-being of the dogs?

Emily: Safety is our top priority. We have trained staff on-site 24/7, and our facilities are designed with the safety and comfort of the dogs in mind. We also have a vet on call for any emergencies.

Q4: Can you share a success story from your resort?

Emily: One of our regulars, a rescue dog named Max, was quite shy and anxious. Over time, through socialization and activities at our resort, he's become much more confident and playful. It's incredibly rewarding to see such transformations.

Q5: What future plans do you have for the resort?

Emily: We're looking at expanding our services to include more specialized training programs and possibly opening more locations. We also want to increase our involvement in community events and dog rescue initiatives.

Q6: Any advice for pet owners considering a K-9 resort?

Emily: Look for a place that prioritizes your dog's well-being and aligns with your dog's needs. Also, consider a resort that offers a variety of activities to keep your dog engaged and happy.
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