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APEX CPR11/16/2023
FAQs: What to Expect in a CPR Class
Q1: Who should take a CPR class?

A1: CPR classes are beneficial for everyone, not just healthcare professionals. Parents, teachers, office workers, and anyone interested in learning life-saving skills should consider taking a class.

Q2: What skills are taught in a CPR class?

A2: You'll learn how to perform chest compressions, deliver rescue breaths, and use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The class also covers basic first aid and choking relief techniques.

Q3: How long does a typical CPR class last?

A3: Most classes last a few hours and can be completed in one session. Some courses might be spread over two sessions.

Q4: Is there a practical component in the class?

A4: Yes, practical hands-on practice is a key part of CPR training. You'll practice techniques on mannequins to simulate real-life scenarios.

Q5: Do I receive certification after completing the class?

A5: Upon successful completion, participants usually receive a CPR certification, valid for a specific period, typically two years.

Q6: How often should I renew my CPR certification?

A6: It's recommended to renew your CPR certification every two years to stay updated with the latest guidelines and techniques.

Q7: Can I take a CPR class online?

A7: While there are online CPR classes, it's advisable to attend a class in person for hands-on practice. Some certifications may require in-person assessment.
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