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Sub-Zero & Wolf Repair San Diego
SubZero/Wolf Appliance Repair of San Diego. Same Day Service-call 619-377-6388.
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EC 30

"Excess IM Water Valve Solenoid Activation (> 15 Seconds)"

What this means: Your ice-maker solenoid was energized by your icemaker for longer than 15 seconds.

What to do: check your ice, is it irregular shaped? The ice maker bin may be overflowed with ice at this point. When your ice maker is ready for water, it will send electricity to your solenoid valve, this should last maybe 6 seconds. 15 seconds is too long and if you have a good water supply this should overflow your ice maker and its bin. Reset the code and if you see any leakage in your ice system call immediately 619-377-6388. Same day service!
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