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Club Z09/19/2023
The idea of private tutoring at home can be appealing until you consider the prospect of inviting a complete stranger into your residence. Many in-home private tutoring services connect you with tutors without adequately verifying their safety and reliability. It's not uncommon for these companies to place tutors in contact with children without a thorough understanding of their backgrounds, which can be quite unsettling. This is precisely why we take extensive measures to screen and vet our tutors, ensuring that they are professional, responsible, law-abiding individuals who can be trusted in your home.

Even with our rigorous screening process, if you find yourself uncomfortable with the tutor assigned to your child, we are committed to finding an alternative tutor for you. We are prepared to search through a pool of nearby tutors until we identify one you have complete confidence in to educate your child. Your family's comfort and safety are of paramount importance to us, and we prioritize providing you with a trustworthy and dependable tutoring experience.
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