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Cosmoholic Salon08/27/2023
Oily Skin & Oils: Myths vs. Facts.

It's believed that “Oil and water don’t mingle.” Such notions have birthed myths around oils, particularly concerning oily complexions. Let’s debunk misconceptions and illuminate the truths.

Myth 1: Oils heighten skin's oiliness.
Fact: Varieties matter. Specific ones like jojoba and squalane may stabilize the skin’s sebum output. By granting skin essential hydration, they can stop excessive sebum creation.

Myth 2: They’ll block pores, triggering pimples.
Fact: We need to differentiate between pore-clogging and friendly types. While certain variants might block, numerous ones are skin-friendly and won’t initiate breakouts. Examples include hemp seed and sunflower oil which nourish without acne concerns.

Myth 3: They render no real advantages to such complexions.
Fact: They contain vital fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients. They may offer skin protection, enhance barrier properties, and grant anti-inflammatory advantages. For such skin types, it translates to decreased acne-linked redness and enhanced complexion health.

Myth 4: Moisturizing isn’t essential for such skin.
Fact: Such skin can still lack hydration! Its nature doesn’t guarantee it's hydrated properly. The apt product can balance moisture, making sure it's neither parched nor excessively oily.

Myth 5: Oil-infused products feel sticky.
Fact: Numerous oil-infused offerings in stores are feather-light and seep swiftly into the skin. It revolves around selecting an optimal variant and formula to cater to individual requirements.

Understanding the world of complexion care can be complex, but with the right facts, you can confidently make decisions. If oils pique your interest or you require tailored advice, consult Cosmoholic Salon. We aim to clarify complexion care nuances and guide you to your brightest self!
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