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Canine Virtuosos06/16/2023
Paw-sitive Change: Turning Growls into Wags!

Aggression in dogs can seem daunting, but it's often a result of fear or anxiety. The good news? It can be managed with patience, love, and effective training techniques. 🐕💕

One such method is counter-conditioning, where we replace the dog's aggressive response with a positive or neutral one. If your dog barks at strangers, try rewarding them with treats when they stay calm instead. This 'treat for tranquillity' approach gradually transforms your pup's perceptions and reactions.🍖

Another technique is 'Time-outs'. If your dog becomes aggressive, immediately stop playtime or interaction. Your furry friend will associate aggression with an abrupt end to fun, eventually reducing this behavior.

These methods take time and consistency. Above all, avoid punishments that can escalate aggression or create fear. Remember, your canine companion relies on you for guidance.

Is your furry buddy displaying aggressive tendencies? Let us help you at Canine Virtuosos. Our professional trainers are dedicated to improving dog behavior, strengthening your bond, and ensuring a waggy-tail life for your pooch. Connect with us today! 🐾
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