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Northcare Training11/29/2023
Avoiding Common Mistakes: First Aid for a Heart Attack
A heart attack is an extremely serious and dangerous condition that requires an immediate response. Despite the importance of providing first aid...

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Northcare Training was established in 2018 by Mary Javier, RN, BSN, RN Delegator and DSHS approved Community Instructor. Mary has been a Registered Nurse for seven years and has long and extensive caregiving and teaching experience both in the Adult Family Home and Hospital setting. Mary started her healthcare experience as an AFH caregiver in 2011. She obtained her RN Degree at Shoreline Community College in 2010 and continued her education at the University of Washington Bothell to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Science in Nursing. Since then, she has gained clinical nursing experience as a Medical-Surgical Nurse at a local hospital for six years. She has also been a Nurse Delegator since 2013. Under this role, Mary has provided countless hours of training to caregivers in the AFH and In-Home setting. Mary is passionate about teaching, and she believes that good quality education is the foundation to becoming a successful caregiver. Mary loves to empower others to make a difference in improving the quality of life of the vulnerable population.

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