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Nate Dog Training12/12/2023
Unleashing Answers: Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Training
Writer: Liam Parker...

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My training is designed to help dog owners have a deeper understanding of their dog’s needs. Through my training, owners will receive an understanding of proper leash training, reliable recall, advanced stay command, social skills, manners, and more. I use positive reinforcement to resolve, modify, and prevent behavior problems in dogs.

I am a dog trainer who works with dogs of all ages from puppy to adult, all breeds and temperaments, and dogs with behavioral issues such as aggression, leash reactivity, leash pulling, fear, anxiety, over excitement, barking, not listening, and more. My training programs are not one-size fits all - I customize each program for the individual dog owner and the specific issues they are having with their dog. Included in my programs is dog obedience training for those clients that are looking to have their dogs learn specific skills. I also offer private group classes, giving each participant individualized attention.

In addition, I work with rescue groups to train and socialize their more challenged dogs so they may be placed in their forever homes.

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