How it works For Businesses For Users

Goodviser is the most convenient platform for no-cost promotion of your business!

The key objective of Goodviser application for small and medium business is to promote its services by providing free advice to prospective clients. Goodviser is a portal to a constant flow of prospective clients that you can convert into paying ones by sharing your knowledge and experience, and without spending too much on advertising.

In the internet era, and especially during the pandemic, many if not most businesses with physical offices lost a practical ability to provide services offline and gain clients off of foot traffic. Now the only way to find new clients is to promote your services in the social media and via search engines. However, such promotion is often unaffordable while the number of effective advertising platforms is quite limited. There is also a matter effectiveness: even by using such promotional tools, there is no guarantee your investments will pay off.

Give your potential clients an ability to find you

You business page in the Goodviser app is not just another way to inform about your business and its services, but also an ability to directly and efficiently connect and engage with potential clients.

How it works for business: