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Half Pint Pups02/02/2024
Exploring the World of Maltipoos: The Pros and Cons Unveiled
Thinking about bringing a Maltipoo into your life? Well, those adorable, fluffy bundles of joy have a lot to offer, but like any decision, ...

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My sister and I are experienced breeders and have been enjoying breeding life-changing companions for the last 7 years. We grew up on a farm and have been working with animals since we were kids. We have a special love for dogs and how much they enrich your life! We go to great lengths to create the best possible companion for you! All Half Pint Pups are hypoallergenic and non-shedding. Our dogs have been genetically health tested to ensure they have healthy pups! We feed top-quality dog food and supplement with vitamins and minerals to ensure we produce healthy litters. We have carefully selected our dams and sires in order to give you a great lifelong friend

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