Goodvisers Consumers

FAQ for Consumers

Every business/provider has to go through a verification process prior to receiving the Goodviser status and thus able to respond to the user request

To ask a question you can simply tap on the Ask icon which is located at the bottom of the App. There you can write your question, choose the category and subcategory, and decide is it a private or public request, and then you will need to press the “Get Advice” button.

The key objective of our application is to provide everyone with a quick professional answer to any question – at absolutely no cost!

When you ask a question you can choose if you want your question to be visible to all users or you want it to be a private request

You can get professional advice and information for free from all our Goodvisers ( business providers)

When you use the Ask function all businesses of the selected category will receive your request and will be able to answer your question.
For the Search you will be able to search businesses by the name, category or city and see their profile, reviews, followers, etc.

Users can close the conversation or specific request if it is no longer needed with the lock icon.