Goodvisers Consumers

FAQ for Goodvisers

Yes, Goodviser is free for business and self-employed.

Anyone who can give professional advice or provide service can become a Goodviser

You can simply press Become a Goodviser button and fill out your business information

Your business page in the Goodviser app connects and engages with potential clients by providing free advice

You will see the Request when the user will ask for advice in your Business Category. Also, each business can also regularly post announcements and news. They will show up in the newsfeed of users who subscribe to your business or are browsing posts in your business category

Providers can only respond or get into contact with users if they get their requests first. If the user closes their chat, the provider cannot continue the interaction with the user.

When you receive a user request you can find a pen icon in the lower right corner, this icon will open the chat with the user who asked a question

On the Forum page, all users can read public exchanges between users and providers on all topics of interest if it was not a private request

The answer rank algorithm works like this: the more answers Goodviser has provided to user requests and the higher his rank, the higher he will appear in the list of answers from users

If a user wants to limit the receipt of requests to a radius of 50 miles from where he is, he can check the box in his profile as a local business. For example, if you work in San Francisco and do not want to receive questions from Los Angeles, you can become a local business, receive questions and answer only from San Francisco residents

Yes, in your business profile there is an option to hide your address from the public

If you cannot find your category you can send an email to with a request of opening a new category

All users can write a review for the businesses

Yes, you will need to click three dots to the right of the review, select Flag inappropriate review, and fill out the form. The administrator will review your request.