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Dose of Doodles11/17/2023
Raising Puppies for a Purpose: Behind-the-Scenes of Advanced Service and Therapy Dog Training
In this blog post, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the specialized world of raising puppies for servic...

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If you are looking for a breeding program that health tests, raises puppies on advanced service and therapy dog curriculum, and is fully licensed (U21-054402), you have come to the right place.

I personally raise each and every puppy I produce and place puppies in therapy, service, and pet homes. Depending on the need, I aim to donate multiple puppies throughout the year to a non-profit that trains and places therapy, facility, and service dogs with their forever family.
I work to establish long lasting relationships with each and every family I work with and believe communication is key. I go above and beyond to be available by call, text, or email before, during, and after your puppy is born!

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