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The Multifaceted World of Marketing and Branding: An Overview of Key Services"
In today’s digital age, the scope of marketing and branding has expanded significantly. This post provides an overview of...

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We’re Cramer-Krasselt (C-K), one of the largest independent advertising agencies in America. We’re multi-disciplinary and cross-functional, with significant resources in Branding, Media, Creative, Programmatic, Analytics, PR/Social, Digital Strategy, UX, SEO, Content Architecture, Influencer, Performance Marketing and Production. We’re not merely integrated, we are interconnected. All under one roof.

And we’re not part of a holding company. We deliver the strategic resources and innovative creative thinking that comes from being a data-inspired, real-time-thinking, tech-integrated agency. And we absolutely deliver on that!

A very different perspective on marketing analytics, data-driven results and success
If our industry prides itself on being so results-oriented, why are there so many agency reviews?

Regardless of what the “pitch” is, most agencies primarily solve for awareness. Most strategies tend to start and end there. It’s only a question of how to say it best and to whom. As a result, communication is filled with unique, celebrated executions driven by insights which have accomplished little and are discarded with the next campaign. We don’t believe in that model, nor do we believe it’s an ultimate goal. We have a reputation for not just helping brands talk with the right people. That’s table stakes. We get paid to change behavior toward a brand that ultimately results in action that accelerates revenue. It’s about making real, lasting friends that do something about our brands. In the end, it’s a popularity contest. Sounds simplistic, but the brands that figure out how to go beyond the occasional transaction and actually make the most friends who stay, drive sales and repeat in volume are the brands that win. It’s why our philosophy is: Make friends, not ads®.

And we have a very different perspective on success. Changing perceptions isn’t enough. We have to change behavior. We do that by using data and analytics. No guesswork. It’s data-driven imagination that leads to the right big ideas and great creative, and it helps us build those powerful relationships that move the business and achieve our results. We built a process that works the entire ecosystem of paid, earned, shared and owned. We have no discipline bias on which gets used when. Because we have one profit and loss statement, it’s all about what the situation needs. It’s all about what data tells us.

Our process uses the power of the Volumetrics of Insight®, marketing analytics that help determine the scalability, the volume of results that an insight has the potential to deliver. This allows advertising, media, PR and social, content, shopper experience, eCRM, SEO and everything else to work in sync and deliver on the marketing data and analytics. This analysis leads us to the source of volume that will have the greatest potential to deliver the best and biggest results. And that leads to consistent returns, over and over and over.

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