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Arrieros Pet Shop12/16/2023
Feathered Friends: A Comprehensive Guide to Birds and Bird Supplies
Bird keeping is a delightful hobby that requires specific knowledge and supplies. Whether you're a seasoned avian enthusiast or new ...

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At Arrieros Pet Shop we won't stop until we give you the customer satisfaction you deserve. It has been a dream come true that we have two stores. It all started with the owner Alejandro Muñoz (right) that only selled birds in the swapmeet with his brother. As the time passed by they opened there very first store by 25th & Imperial in San Diego. As they grow in bussines and people started to realize it they came to a dession to open another store. But it was not an easy task to do. Thanks to all the hard work and dedication they finally accomplish it. Now we proudly have two stores and our staff will happily help you with anything you might need.

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